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Gamechangers at Western is an outpatient service, hosted by Western Racquet & Fitness, offering nutrition counseling and coaching

Game changers at western

Our Goal

We are offering nutrition counseling and coaching for active individuals struggling with disordered eating or an eating disorder. Whether you're a casual fitness enthusiast or highly competitive athlete, having struggles with food is guaranteed to hold you back from making progress and being your best. Our goal with Gamechangers is to help you get back to performing your best, reclaim your health, and rediscover balance with your nutrition.

What Are The Signs Of An Eating Disorder?

Be in the know and get personalized help.

Avoiding or limiting entire food groups

(other than for medical purposes)

Feelings of guilt or shame

related to eating

Anxiety or distress around eating particular foods

e.g. skipping meals

Frequent or significant weight fluctuation

constant dieting or "yo-yo dieting"

Eating by rigid rules

(time of day, diet rules, etc.) instead of internal cues (hunger, energy levels, etc.)

Anxiety or distress surrounding exercise

(e.g. feeling anxious or guilty on days without a workout)

Preoccupation with weight, food, or body image

(persistent fear of gaining weight, spending significant time thinking about food, strong feelings of shame towards one's own body, etc.)

Making up for bad foods

by increasing exercise, limiting foods, skipping meals, purging, or other behaviors

Feeling a loss of control around food

(unintentionally eating beyond fullness, resisting intense cravings out of fear of being unable to stop eating particular foods)

Elevate your performance and ditch disordered eating by:


Healing your relationship with food

Practical Approach

Practicing a practical approach to fitness and training that is performance-enhancing


Learning what nutrition your body needs to fuel & function at its best

Peace & Confidence

Discovering peace and confidence with your body image as it relates to food and eating

Meet Your Dietitian & Performance Coach

Tad Taggart
Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist
ACSM-Certified Personal Trainer

Tad holds a degree in Exercise Science from Carroll University and a degree in Human Biology-Nutrition/Dietetics from UWGB. He spent some time personal training in the Waukesha area before returning to his home of Green Bay, where he is now a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and registered dietitian here at Western. In addition to his formal schooling, Tad independently studied and became credentialed as a Precision Nutrition Coach. Tad is an anti-diet sports dietitian that has a variety of experience working with athletes, working in a hospital setting, as well as working with eating disorders. Tad's personal passion and niche as a dietitian is helping athletes (anyone who is active) overcome any struggles with food or disordered eating. Whether you've never learned what nutrition you need to fuel performance or you've tried "every nutrition trick in the book", only to find your fitness and performance backsliding, Tad would love to work with you. an become the best you can be. Whether you've never learned what nutrition you need to fuel performance or you've tried "every nutrition trick in the book", only to find your fitness and performance backsliding, Tad would love to work with you and help you be your best.

Services Offered

Nutrition Initial Consultation
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90-120 minutes

Thorough medical history evaluation

Evaluation of eating behaviors & relationship with food

Long-term nutrition goal-setting

Nutrition Follow-Up Appointments
$100 /hour
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60 minute or 30 minute appointments available

Ongoing Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)

Care coordination with family and any treatment team members (primary care physician, therapist, etc.)

Nutrition guidance, accountability, education, and resources

10-Pack Follow-Up Appointments
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10x 60-minute appointments

One-time payment for 10% discount

Services offered remain same as Nutrition Follow-Up Appointments

*Our office accepts out-of-pocket as our primary method of payment. If your HSA/FSA includes dietitian services, we can also accept HSA/FSA funds. Many HSA/FSA providers require a letter of medical necessity (LMN) from a referring physician or provider for dietitian services.
We are also able to provide a superbill after out-of-pocket payment has been made.

Superbills can be submitted to insurance providers for reimbursement of out-of-network care if the insurance provider offers coverage for out-of-network dietitian services for eating disorder care. If your provider covers these services, they will reimburse you for payment made to Gamechangers at Western..

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What they've said about us

What I never expected when meeting with Tad, was his ability from the beginning to ask all the right questions. He got me thinking about nutrition in a much deeper way. I have had a life long struggle with body image and a diet mindset. Tad has pushed me to look inside to really confront my personal obstacles and unhealthy lifelong habits. I am beginning to live a life no longer afraid of food. Good foods and bad foods no longer exist. For the first time ever, I feel free, no longer drowning in the social stigmas of a perfect body; no longer trapped by what I “should” be eating to reach my goals. Tad was the first person to ever truly see me and my struggles. He was willing to listen. He never once pushed his agenda on me

-Melissa L.

As someone who was just starting her fitness journey I was terrified of the idea of a gym. Then I joined Western. This isn't just a gym. I have never once felt judged and have always been greeted with such supportive and amazing people who work there. It's become my true happy place and I'm forever grateful


First of all it is spacious, well lit and clean. Locker rooms are top notch. So many programs and classes to keep you from getting bored and are fun. I have especially enjoyed the personal training that is available. They have a cafe and nutrition bar. There is just so much to mention. Best is to go check it out!!!


When you walk into the facility a staff member greets you. If you have questions or concerns, they are answered professionally and effectively. The overall look inside is inviting and clean. If you have a personal trainer experience - they do not judge or pressure you. The machines are up-to-date. I felt the members themselves were in a good mood, they had smiles and said hi.


Absolutely love this gym! The atmosphere, the endless equipment available, the prices, the people... top notch. I'd recommend this wonderful workout facility to anyone and everyone. Completely addicted to this beautiful place!


Western Racquet is literally the BEST gym out there! Mary, Owner at Western is always welcoming the members and ensuring everything is going well for everyone. The staff is also always very welcoming and willing to help anyone in anyway they can. If you’re looking for a gym, Western Racquet is definitely a place to consider.